What To Expect:

Our goal is to offer a safe and supportive environment where you learn the fundamentals of every day movements, only better! Toss in some intensity, lots of variation, and constant movement for a full body workout you won’t get anywhere else.

What We Offer:

Group Coaching - Expertly guided and community supported, this is training like you’ve never experienced. Every WOD is 60 minutes of work; guaranteed to keep you coming back for more. Never worked out in a community setting before? One session and you will be hooked as others help motivate, encourage, and push you beyond the limits you’d ever achieve alone. Better together, indeed.

Personal Coaching - Though group training is certainly more fun and amps up the motivation when working alongside others, personal coaching is a great option for those looking to have 1-on-1 support. And not to worry, we’ll still have fun, and I certainly won’t let you slide in the motivation department.

Development Coaching - Young adults need guidance, support, and encouragement in these formative years. Do you know what else they need? Intensity, drive, and a work ethic that cannot quit. I offer all of these things and more to young adults who are willing to commit to the best physical and emotional version of themselves. Ages 14-18

Kids Coaching - Starting young makes all the difference in the world. This class guides kids to understand the importance of safety, proper form, and intensity to set their fitness pathways right from the start. One of the most important things we can do as adults is model the right behavior, both in being a good athlete and in being a good person; we focus on both here. Ages 8-13

Sport-specific Coaching - There is no I in team, and understanding the importance of teamwork is paramount to success. This group training offers the same intensity and life lessons as the Development and Kids sessions, but with the value-added offering of leadership, camaraderie, and succeeding, together.

Wellness Workshops - Your journey is a personal one, so let’s make it that way! The Wellness Workshop is an 8-week course designed with you in mind. Functional fitness at your level and pace with nutritional support and goal-setting guideposts to enhance your full body transformation. This individualized program is a tremendous value, with even better results. Don’t take it from me, here’s what one Workshopper turned CrossFitter had to say about her experience: “SAVED MY LIFE.”

Want More?

State-of-the-art Technology -  used by Mayo Clinic and other leaders in the health field to define your transformation accuracy down to 95%. Understand your body and the changes like never before.

Recovery Supplements and Nutritional Items - reset and rebuild after a tough WOD with our offering of supplements, including PROGENEX, RX Bars, FitAid, and more. Your workouts are individualized, your gains are individualized, and now your recovery can be too!

Clothing and Merchandise -  Look as good as you feel with our fresh gear. Tanks, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweats, and hats are available for purchase featuring our unique logo and brand. Toothy grins for all!

Motivational and Inspiration Goal-setting - Showing up to work hard is one thing, but knowing WHY is even more important. We focus on goals, progress, personal records, and your WHY to support your success.

Offering discounts for military and law enforcement personnel! We also have specials for students!

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